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Charlie Arnold

Charlie joined TMC in 2012.

Interesting facts: Charlie drove OTR and has also been an in-house instructor and manager. He enjoys golfing, camping, and spending time with family. 
Bob Battles

Bob joined TMC in 2002. 

Interesting facts: Bob began his driving career in 1953, hauling furniture. He then drove for a local dairy company from 1957 until 2002. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking.
Stuart Bennett

Stuart joined TMC in 2013.

Interesting facts: Stuart has approximately 30 years of driving experience, many of which has centered around the farming industry and hauling grain.
Larry Brown

Larry joined TMC in 1997. 

Interesting facts: After leaving the Army, Larry began his driving career in 1972. During his off time, he enjoys working with horses.
Tommy Brown

Tommy joined TMC in 1991.

Interesting facts: Tommy's driving career started in 1955 in the motorpool of the Air Force. He enjoys Nascar, Alabama football, camping, and taking his dog Max for golf cart rides.
Marcy Fisher

Marcy joined TMC in 2002. 

Interesting facts: Marcy began her driving career in 1983 as an owner operator hauling meat. She later became a driving instructor at a community college. Her spare time is spent with her grandchildren.
Jimmy Collins

Jimmy joined TMC in 1997.

Interesting facts: Jimmy has been a company driver and an owner operator with TMC. Spending time with his family, vacations, zoo trips, and football and sports is what Jimmy enjoys in his spare time.
Jerry Griffith

Jerry joined TMC in 2013.

Interesting facts: The Army is where Jerry began driving trucks, and later a civilian career starting in 1972. He enjoys spending time on various projects in his garage.
Ed Hermsen

Ed joined TMC in 2014.

Interesting facts: Ed has 40 years of tractor-trailer experience, and in his spare time he enjoys visiting family and friends.
Keith McDaniel

Keith joined TMC in 2013.

Interesting facts: Keith drove for 10 years in the food service industry. Hunting, fishing, and motorcycle riding is what he enjoys in his spare time.
Dave Lustgraaf

Dave joined TMC in 2012.

Interesting facts: Dave drove OTR for 18 years, and then 3 years as a driving instructor. Fishing and just relaxing are what he enjoys with his free time.
Bob Ratliff

Bob joined TMC in 2014.

Interesting facts: Bob drove 23 years with a major package delivery company.
Don Vos

Don joined TMC in 2014.

Interesting facts: Don's driving career began in 1995 and he has driven dump truck, dry van, flatbed, and fuel tankers. Riding his Harley and camping are what Don enjoys in his free time.
Mike Shearer

Mike joined TMC in 2005. 

Interesting facts: Mike has over 40 years of driving experience. In his spare time, he and his wife like to travel to visit their children who are in San Francisco, New York, and all points in between.
John Bradford

John joined TMC in 2010.

Interesting facts: John has driven OTR flatbed and reefer, and local van. In his spare time he enjoys working on cars and trucks, and he races motorcross and hare scramble.
Jeff Monahan

Jeff joined TMC in 2006.

Interesting facts: Jeff retired from the Army in 1993, after serving 20 years in the infantry. He then began pulling both van and flatbed trailers. These days he spends much of his free time riding his Harley or traveling with his camper trailer.
Dan Roepke

Dan joined TMC in 2015.

Interesting facts: Dan was an aviator for 20 years in the Marine Corps, primarily flying F-4 Phantoms. After retiring from the Marine Corp, he went on to be an owner-operator also for 20 years, pulling a reefer. He greatly enjoys following Iowa State University sports in his spare time.