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If part of your training consists of spending time over-the-road with a Driver Trainer, then you're in good hands with TMC.

TMC holds its Driver Trainers to the highest of standards. Your trainer must be proficient in all areas such as driving and work safety, trip-planning, customer service, and more . Our trainers come from all backgrounds. Many started their trucking careers as a student graduate and yet others came from different carriers before calling TMC home.

If you are hired on as an apprentice or CDL driver then you will spend 5 weeks OTR with a trainer. While we can't guarantee home time during training, most drivers do see home most weekends. You will be refined on your driving and trip-planning skills. We will also teach you to become proficient in load securement and tarping. By the time you finish your 5 week program you will be ready and confident to operate on your own.

Experienced drivers with limited flatbed knowledge also spend 2-4 weeks (determined during orientation) with a trainer, but not so much for driving evaluation. Your primary reason for spending time with a trainer is to prepare you for loading, securing, and transporting open-freight.