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Being a driver is only part of your duties. You must also be proficient in cargo securement and transport. TMC maintains one of the best claim-free delivery rates in the flatbed industry year after year at almost 100%!

This doesn't happen by chance, it happens because we believe in providing you with the training and knowledge necessary to be safe and confident in transporting flatbed cargo.

Unlike being a van driver who has little to no control on how their cargo is loaded or secured, you do!

For those of you with no flatbed experience this program is a smooth transition into your time with a Driver Trainer. For drivers with previous flatbed experience it is designed to compliment your knowledge and to introduce you to TMC company policies.
Essential Job Functions - DOT/Company Physical Requirements
This is not an exhaustive representation of all the essential job functions involved with being a flatbed driver for TMC, but instead is intended as a general overview of the most basic of job functions.  These tasks are often performed on a daily basis and are essential to your job duties.