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In 1972, when we first began operating as a trucking company, we adopted the philosophy of being a quality carrier. We didn’t indulge in any fast-talking, uneven deal-cutting, making promises we couldn’t keep, or any other tactic that might have accelerated our early growth. We knew that growth based on that approach would be short-lived. We were in it for the long haul and we felt it was important to start with a solid base of being straightforward and delivering what we promised. We took a quality-oriented approach.

The methods we used to evolve as a quality carrier were based on instinct and our attitude of doing our best. We kept abreast of what was going on around us and were continuously looking for ways to improve our performance. This positive, can-do attitude has served us well. We have grown to a high-profile, nationally recognized trucking company. Our goal is to become the premier flatbed carrier in the country.

You will find at TMC that the door is always open to our drivers to assist you now and after you are aboard. We want to be available to answer any questions.